Christian Leaders Grand Canyon Trip 2010

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In mid-July we conducted our by-invitation-only, third annual Grand Canyon trip for Christian Leaders. This seven-day raft trip down the Colorado River through the canyon exposed 24 seminary professors and other key Christian leaders to the biblical and geological arguments for a global Flood and young earth. The men came from England, the Netherlands, Spain, and America—including young-earth proponents, old-earth proponents, and some who were unsure about the age of the earth.

Our teaching team included Dr. Bill Barrick (O.T. professor at The Master’s Seminary), Dr. Andrew Snelling (geologist at AiG), Tom Vail (founder of Canyon Ministries and trip leader), and me. Teaching occurred in the mornings and evenings in camp as well as at many points as we made our way down the river. We strongly encouraged questions and objections and had many excellent discussions as a group and one-on-one.

The young-earthers, many of whom had little or no understanding of how the geological evidence confirms the truth of Genesis, were greatly strengthened in their convictions. All the others expressed appreciation for the learning experience and the way that our team responded to their questions and objections. Many of them said that the trip had given them much to think about and some moved significantly closer to the young-earth view of Genesis 1–11. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to be involved in this unique and strategic ministry to these key leaders.

God once again raised about $75,000 to provide substantial scholarships for each of the men, most of whom would never be able to afford what they all called “the trip of a lifetime.” We are now beginning to invite men for the 2011 trip. If you would be interested in helping to sponsor one of the men (about $3300 per person for 2011), please visit our donation page. Be sure to specify that the gift is for CLT 2011.

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