A Renowned Creation Scientist, Inventor of MRI

by Ken Ham on November 22, 2015

Evolutionists constantly tell us that creationists can’t be real scientists. Creation scientists often have to prove themselves to the world as secularists accuse them of slowing down technological advances.

Dr. Raymond Damadian

In 2014, Dr. Raymond Damadian spoke at the Creation Museum.

Well, a personal friend of our ministry and fellow creation scientist, Dr. Raymond Damadian, proved both claims to be untrue. Not only does he credit his faith for his scientific accomplishments, but he personally created a technology that is still saving lives today: the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner. Imagine, a scientist and inventor of such stature credits God’s grace and the prayers of family for his success!

When I debated Bill Nye in 2014, I shared a clip of Dr. Damadian declaring his faith and stance on biblical authority, and you can see it here. I wanted to totally refute the claim that scientists who believe the account of creation would cause America to fall behind technologically, as Nye has repeatedly claimed (and which he will probably state again as he visits our Cincinnati area this weekend on a book tour). Dr. Damadian is a perfect example of how false this charge is.

Recently my publisher, Master Books, published Dr. Damadian’s biography Gifted Mind: The Dr. Raymond Damadian Story, Inventor of the MRI. Here is a short description of the book:

In this compelling read, the history and development of Damadian’s discovery and invention, and the trials that he endured, focus the reader on his Christ-centered faith that God would lead him through his life’s journey. Damadian’s disappointments included not only the Thomas Edison-like trials in the science lab itself, but trials such as the Nobel Prize for the technology being awarded to someone else even though Damadian originated the idea and led the building and use of the first MRI machine. This book is excellent for anyone to whom truth and justice are important, yet all the more compelling is Damadian’s biblically-based perspective on the awards that really count, the saving of lives on earth and the salvation of souls for eternity!

Dr. Raymond Damadian declared,

For me, my greatest single discovery in life was not a machine or a physical principle. My highest purpose was realized when I discovered I could actually know God and serve His will, that I could live for something greater than science, medicine, or myself.

I encourage everyone to purchase a copy of this book. It’s an encouraging, faith-building book for your personal study, church, school, or homeschool library. You’ll be inspired to stand boldly on God’s Word, knowing that your belief in the God of creation sets you apart for marvelous things!

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