Apologetics, Biblical Authority, and Chronology for the Whole Church

by Ken Ham on August 22, 2021
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The “ABC” in ABC Sunday School and ABC Homeschool stands for Answers Bible Curriculum—but it also stands for what the unique emphasis is: apologetics, biblical authority, and chronology. And this approach is vital for equipping whole churches to stand on God’s Word and believe the gospel message.

We need churches and homes that are filled with God’s Word, rich teaching, and apologetics (faith-defense training).

Why is this approach so important? Well, we live in a time when so many Christians don’t know what the Bible teaches, have only a shallow grasp of Christian theology and doctrine, can’t defend their faith, often don’t know what it means to have a truly Christian worldview, and don’t really understand the full gospel message. To combat this, we need churches and homes that are filled with God’s Word, rich teaching, and apologetics (faith-defense training). And that’s where ABC can come alongside pastors, Sunday school teachers, and parents to help with discipleship.

You see, ABC teaches creation and general apologetics throughout the entire curriculum, presents the Bible in a chronological fashion to help bring it to life and connect Scripture with Scripture, highlights main themes throughout Scripture, shows the “scarlet thread” of the gospel from Genesis through to Revelation, teaches core doctrine and theology, and gives practical Christian life application.

And it’s for the whole family! ABC Sunday School goes from pre-K through adult. The lessons are synchronized so the whole family can discuss what they learned and so parents can take their kids deeper throughout the week.

ABC is used in over 10,000 churches, and we hear from many pastors who say it’s revolutionizing their entire church. Don’t miss this opportunity to disciple families in the Lord in a deep and meaningful way—it makes an eternal difference.

Visit AnswersBibleCurriculum.com to learn more.

Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool

We also have rewritten the lessons for homeschool with ABC Homeschool. This new curriculum is a wonderful way to bring this deep content home to your K-5th grade students (with the ability to adapt for older students). Visit AnswersBibleCurriculum.com to view sample lessons.

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