Get Answers for Darwin on This 150th Anniversary

by Ken Ham on February 23, 2021
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Tomorrow is an anniversary. What happened on February 24, 150 years ago? Charles Darwin published The Descent of Man, arguing for the common descent of man from an ape-like ancestor and our supposed relation to the great apes. Sadly, this unbiblical and non-scientific idea was adopted by many scientists, laypeople, and even Christians at that time . . . and that continues today. But Darwin’s ideas were wrong then and they’re wrong today!

Darwin’s ideas were wrong then and they’re wrong today!

We’ve posted several articles over the last few weeks regarding Darwin and his unbiblical, unscientific ideas and the legacy of racism and death that they’ve left. I encourage you to check these out and equip yourself to defend the truth of God’s Word when it says he created Adam from dust and Eve from his side, both fully formed and functioning, and that we’re all one race and “one blood” (Acts 17:26):

If you’d like to dive even deeper into Darwinian evolution, what Darwin believed, and how wrong he really was, find these resources in our online store:

  • The Evolution of Darwin Series. This 3-DVD set explores how Darwin’s life and philosophy shaped the viewpoints of modern-day evolutionary thought.
  • Charles Darwin Pocket Guide. This resource is great to give to others to challenge their beliefs regarding Darwin and his ideas.
  • Replacing Darwin. This book, written by Harvard-trained Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, destroys evolutionary ideas from a genetic standpoint and puts forward a testable prediction starting with the biblical timescale. This book is semi-technical, but a layman version is available, Replacing Darwin Made Simple, as well as a DVD summarizing the key points.
  • Glass House. This book looks at the classic arguments for Darwinian evolution and shatters them from a scientific perspective.
  • One Race One Blood. Darwin’s ideas left a blood legacy that still clings on today. Discover the biblical view of humanity (we’re all one race!) and how the gospel is the answer to the issues of our day in this book I co-wrote with Dr. Charles Ware.

Darwin’s ideas are destructive to our churches, our societies, and our families, and yet they continue to permeate the world. Equip yourself to believe and defend the Bible with these resources, and I encourage you to share them with others.

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