Witchcraft, Paganism, Satanism—Do You Have Answers?

by Ken Ham on October 31, 2020
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Pagan religions such as New Age, paganism, and even witchcraft and Satanism are growing in our supposedly “secular” West. As God and the Bible are kicked out of public schools and the public sphere, secularism has become the dominant religion. But many people, yearning for meaning and purpose (which secularism doesn’t provide), are filling the spiritual vacuum with practices from New Age and the occult—and we are often more aware of this on October 31, Halloween.

Do you have answers for those who are caught up with these anti-biblical ideas—including those within your own church?

Do you have answers for those who are caught up with these anti-biblical ideas—including those within your own church? You see, many New Age practices and beliefs are even creeping into the church, as we have generations of biblically illiterate Christians who largely haven’t been taught discernment or how to think starting with God’s Word.

World Religions Online Course series

Well, we want to equip you to reach these individuals and others with two different resources. The first is our brand-new World Religions and Cults Online Course series. These unique courses look at some of the world’s major religions, compare and contrast them with Christianity, and equip you to share biblical truth and the gospel with those who belong to these religions . . . or may have assimilated beliefs from these religions. Begin with the course Biblical Christianity and World Religions, then move into Engaging Counterfeits of Christianity, then EngagingMoralistic and Mystic Religions (coming soon), and finally Engaging Humanistic Religions (coming soon). More than ever, we all need to be equipped with this worldview information.

World Religions Conference Videos on Answers TV

The second resource I want to highlight is our World Religions and Cults Conference videos, now available on Answers TV. In seventeen sessions, you’ll discover how to share the gospel with those who belong to a wide variety of religions—including New Age, Satanism, Paganism, and other mystic and moralistic religions becoming popular throughout the West. For just $4.99 a month—or $39.99 for a whole year (that’s only just over $3 US a month)—you’ll have unlimited access to these videos and 2,500 others, including science, nature, and adventure programs, conferences, livestreams, and more (with content being added all the time!). Try a week free at Answers.tv—AiG’s God-honoring streaming service.

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