A “Darwin Day” Challenge for Creationists and Evolutionists

by Ken Ham on February 5, 2020
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February 12, the birthday of Charles Darwin, is recognized by many evolutionists as “Darwin Day.” Well, that’s right around the corner, and I have a challenge for both creationists and evolutionists on this “Darwin Day.”

For evolutionists—here’s your challenge. Download (or order a physical copy) of the powerful book, Replacing Darwin, by a scientist with a PhD from Harvard University, Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson.

Most evolutionists don’t actually know what modern creationists believe.

You may be wondering why someone with a PhD from such a prestigious school as Harvard is a creationist! Well, he has very good reasons—and that’s why I am challenging you to read his book. I think you will be quite surprised by what you read. It’s probably not what you’re expecting!

You see, in my experience (and Dr. Jeanson says the same thing), most evolutionists don’t actually know what modern creationists believe. Instead, they have a rather archaic view of creation and don’t understand that creationists actually make testable scientific predictions based on models! That’s the gold standard of science, and creationists do that! Replacing Darwin lays out one of those predictions and also shows some serious problems with evolutionary ideas, particularly in the field of genetics.

But don’t just take my word for it—check out the evidence for yourself. I challenge you, in honor of Darwin’s birthday, to challenge yourself to read Replacing Darwin and consider its claims.

For creationists—here’s your challenge. You still have time to order copies of Replacing Darwin from our online store and have them arrive in time for “Darwin Day.” I challenge you to order a few copies to hand out to evolutionists you may know. Please give them the same challenge I gave my evolutionary readers. Then, pray that the truth of God’s Word will impact their hearts and that the Holy Spirit will give them eyes to see.

You can find Replacing Darwin at AnswersBookstore.com. It is a revealing look at natural selection, genetics, and Darwinian evolution.

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