New Testament Lessons from the Answers Bible Curriculum Now Available

by Ken Ham on January 18, 2020
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New lessons from our Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) are now available! ABC is our four-year unique and powerful Sunday school curriculum used in over 10,000 churches. We’ve upgraded to the second edition of ABC and have been rolling out lessons for all age groups (Pre-K–Adult) as they become available. Well, all the Old Testament lessons are finished and now New Testament lessons are available. You can try two lessons for free.

These free New Testament sections also come with two free Old Testament lessons so you can get an idea of what to expect from both the Old and New Testaments. The brand-new New Testament lessons start in Unit 13, covering the early chapters of the Gospels. Currently, Unit 13 is only available in ESV, but the KJV lessons are coming soon!

ABC is an utterly unique Sunday school curriculum.

ABC is an utterly unique Sunday school curriculum. It goes through the entire Bible chronologically. It shows Christ and the plan of redemption from beginning to end. It emphasizes God’s Word as the authority. It connects the Bible with what’s going on in our world today, and it’s filled with apologetics. We hear from many pastors, churches, and Sunday school leaders who share how much this curriculum has revolutionized their Sunday school program—kids and adults alike are learning so much! Many of today’s Sunday school programs are very shallow—what I call “fluff and stuff.” But ABC is very “meaty.”

Order your New Testament lessons, or upgrade to ABC 2.0, today. You can even preorder upcoming units, so you don’t have to remember to order them when they become available—they’ll just arrive in your mailbox! Visit

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