Join Us in the UK for Our World Religions Conference, October 30–31, 2020

by Ken Ham on January 5, 2020
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The United Kingdom, like much of the Western world, is a melting pot of cultures, peoples, and religions. How can Christians follow Christ’s command to share the gospel with others who have very different (even very foreign) views to us? Get equipped to boldly share the gospel with those of many different religious backgrounds at our World Religions Conference, taking place at The Kings Centre in Oxford, Oxfordshire, October 30–31, 2020.

This two-day event features teaching from a variety of experts, including Simon Turpin, the director of Answers in Genesis–UK, and Roger Patterson, one of our curriculum writers (and a former Mormon) and a frequent guest on our Answers News live program. These Answers in Genesis speakers will be joined by Dr. James White, Dr. Jay Modha, Derrick Morlan, Dr. Alan White, and Dr. Nagy Iskander. Together, they will be sharing on topics such as Islam, environmentalism, atheism, Mormonism, and more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be equipped to share the only message that truly saves—the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be equipped to share the only message that truly saves—the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you’re nearby in the UK or Europe (or elsewhere!) register today to join us at this incredibly powerful event.

This event helps show the phenomenally diverse aspects of the Answers in Genesis ministry. We are not just about the age of the earth or creation vs. evolution. We are an apologetics, biblical authority ministry. We are helping to raise up generations with a truly biblical worldview—so they will be able to contend for the faith in our ever-changing culture. We try to keep on the cutting edge of the battles raging against God’s Word. That way, we can effectively equip Christians and challenge non-Christians as we proclaim the truth of God’s Word and the gospel.

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