Do Light and Dark Colored Mice Show “Real Time” Evolution?

by Ken Ham on February 26, 2019
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The headline of a recent article boldly declared, “The Wild Experiment That Showed Evolution in Real Time.” Did this experiment involving light and dark colored mice really show evolution? Well, the subtitle gives away the truth, “an ambitious team of scientists has illustrated the full process of natural selection in a single study.” Did you notice how the title used the term “evolution” to describe what the subtitle correctly calls “natural selection”? And what was the article really describing? Well, that mice produce . . . mice!

This use of terms is remarkably common when it comes to reporting on such studies. It’s a logical fallacy known as equivocation. What these researchers are studying and observing in the present is the process of natural selection. But they equivocate that observable process with evolution, an unobserved, non-repeatable interpretation imposed on the evidence.

This is simply natural selection at work.

Here’s what the scientists actually observed: in large outdoor enclosures featuring different soil colors, the mouse populations quickly adapted to their surroundings as light-colored mice in dark-colored fields were quickly picked off by owls and vice versa. This is simply natural selection at work. It’s an observable process that leads to changes within a population. (This is similar to the famous peppered moth example that was once used in public school textbooks as evolution supposedly in action.)

But here’s where it differs from evolution. The information for light and dark colored mice is already present in the population. At the start of the experiment, a mutation in the Agouti gene (the delta-Ser mutation) was equally common in the mice population. But after three months, it had become more common in two of the lighter-soil mice populations, and rarer in all the darker-soil ones. Coupled with natural processes of predation, this caused the overall mice fur color to shift in a certain way, but no new genetic information or features are added to the mice. Mice remain mice, and they reproduce mice.

Molecules-to-man evolution requires the addition of brand-new genetic information, something that has never been observed. Mutation and Natural selection is not evolution.

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