Recognizing Our Volunteers on Giving Tuesday

by Ken Ham on November 19, 2018
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Next week, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving Day is recognized as “Giving Tuesday” here in America. After recognizing all the blessings we have, and thanking God for them, next Tuesday is an opportunity to be purposeful in blessing others. And I wanted to take the time to highlight one way that many people have blessed us here at Answers in Genesis—by volunteering their time and talents!

Each year, dozens of people—sometimes individually, as a couples or families, with a church group, youth team, or school class—come to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter to volunteer with us. And, depending on their range of abilities, these volunteers do a wide variety of tasks. Some help in our beautiful botanical gardens, others stuff and seal envelopes, others sew or help with exhibit construction. Others catalogue at our warehouse facility. The list goes on and on! Over the years, thousands of volunteers have contributed their time and talents to help the AiG ministry, Ark Encounter, and Creation Museum. And we would not be where we are without them!

Some couples even retire to our Northern Kentucky area so they can serve in their “retirement” years! Others park their RV for a few weeks on their way further south or to some other destination. And some churches or other groups put together an entire group to come down for a few days and do whatever needs to be done.

We are abundantly thankful for these volunteers and the wonderful work they selflessly do.

We are abundantly thankful for these volunteers and the wonderful work they selflessly do.

If you would like to learn more about giving to Answers in Genesis through your time and talents, please visit You can learn more about supporting us financially or making a gift for Giving Tuesday at

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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