Don’t Fall for Absurd Thinking This National Absurdity Day

by Ken Ham on November 20, 2018
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Everyone knows about April Fool’s Day, which always falls on April 1. But did you know today is called National Absurdity Day? It’s a day to encourage people to embrace the absurd and ridiculous. But so many people around the world already do embrace something utterly absurd—evolutionary ideas! So today I want to do the opposite of what this day intends and encourage people to leave absurd ideas and, instead, base their thinking on God’s infallible Word.

What are some ways that evolutionary ideas are absurd? Here are just three:

  • Life came from non-life. Evolutionists believe that, at some time in the past, non-living chemicals somehow become alive (i.e., by natural processes, the information system and complex language system of DNA came about), leading to the incredible array of life that we have today. But there is no consensus among the evolutionary community on how this happened, and many evolutionists ignore the problem altogether by claiming evolution only applies to life, so it isn’t an evolutionary problem to explain how life came from non-life. Bottom line: matter by itself just can’t produce genetic information or a language system—it’s impossible.

    The Law of Biogenesis, one of the few laws of biology, says that life only comes from other life. To believe in chemical evolution (life from non-life), you have to believe this law was somehow broken at least once.

  • Mutations and natural selection drive evolution. Evolutionists believe that the driving forces of biological evolution are mutations and natural selection. We observe that both of these processes shape populations of organisms in the present and the genetic diversity they already possess. But what we don’t observe is mutations or natural selection turning one kind of organism into another kind. While they bring out variation within a kind (e.g., the finch kind), they don’t turn one kind into another—nor can they!

    In order to turn one kind into another kind, huge amounts of brand-new genetic material would need to be added (just think of the number of genetic differences between a fish, a bird, and a mammal!). And neither mutations nor natural selection has ever been observed adding this required genetic information.

  • We’re related to everything. Evolutionists believe we’re related to everything—mushrooms, bacteria, frogs, hummingbirds, horses, etc. But pause and think about the massive differences between any two organisms (orchids, fruit flies, and wildebeests, for example). While we do share some similarities with certain organisms (this is known as homology), the differences are much vaster than any similarities. The sheer number of genetic differences that evolution must account for (with no known mechanism to generate brand-new genetic information!) is mind-boggling.

So many people blindly trust evolutionary ideas and even use them as an excuse to ignore God and his Word. But what we see in creation doesn’t confirm evolutionary ideas—it confirms what we read and expect from Scripture. Instead of trusting in absurd ideas, created by fallible, sinful human beings, we should start with the Word of the Creator who was actually there and has told us what happened.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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