Genesis Apologetics Has a New Mobile App!

by Ken Ham
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Contrasting the biblical position on origins with secular evolution often requires tackling several controversial subjects like radiometric dating and the age of the earth, the geologic column, dinosaurs, etc. Taking these subjects head-on, the group Genesis Apologetics strengthens the faith of God’s people (teens and younger students most of all) by grounding them in biblical truth and equipping them to discern error. We’re thankful for ministries, such as Genesis Apologetics, that God has raised up to equip young people to defend their faith!

Genesis Apologetics is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing Christian families with biblically and scientifically based answers to the evolutionary ideas that many children are taught during grade school and high school.

Genesis Apologetics’ doctrinal position on creation aligns with our statement of faith, and GA often acts as a conduit for our research and that of the Institute for Creation Research, presenting that research in simple and engaging forms to rebut the evolutionary teachings that students receive in public schools. The majority of GA’s training is provided free of charge. They also offer training programs, like Debunking Evolution, which are great for equipping high school students in local churches.

Genesis Apologetics, based in California and led by Dr. Dan Biddle, has chosen to adhere to the natural reading of the book of Genesis (as it’s meant to be read). Some of our PhD experts have helped edit their latest videos, so the nearly 17,000 Genesis Apologetics’ viewers—including pastors, parents, and students—can experience up-to-date answers to the most-pressing creation vs. evolution questions through practical and easy-to-understand web, video, and written resources.

And now, Genesis Apologetics has a new mobile app! With school starting around America and other western nations, this app can be a great tool for students who are getting “evolutionized” in almost all government-run schools. This easy-to-install app addresses most evolutionary topics covered in public schools between the 5th and 12th grades! Sections include: Debunking Evolution Theory; Fossils & Transitional Forms; The Age of the Earth & the Bible; and more.

I encourage students and parents to download this informative and easy-to-use app today! It can be installed on iPhones and Androids. Learn more at or find the app on the iTunes App Store or on Google Play.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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