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by Ken Ham on August 19, 2018
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While out on the road, AiG speakers, representatives, and I are frequently asked two questions: “How do we choose a good Christian college?” and “How do we find a solid, Bible-affirming homeschool curriculum?” Well, several years ago we created our website to answer the first question, and now we’re very excited to announce the launch of to answer the second question!

If you’re familiar with our Creation Colleges site, you know it’s a place where you can find a list of Christian colleges that hold to biblical authority and AiG’s tenets of creation. To determine if the school is eligible to be on our list, we send them a “Tenets of Creation” document and ask for the president to sign it. We then give the academic dean, Bible department chair, and/or science department chair an opportunity to sign as well. On our site you can see which chairs at which schools signed the document. is an excellent place to start your college search.

Well, our brand-new Creation Publishers site is similar. We submitted the same “Tenets of Creation” document to various homeschool publishers and asked the president or CEO if they agreed with it and could sign it. We also gave the lead writer, content editor, and lead marketer an opportunity to sign. You can see who signed the document on our site.

Just because it’s for homeschoolers doesn’t mean it’s Christian . . . or that it stands on biblical authority!

Some homeschooling curricula are actually beginning to uncritically include evolution, millions of years, and other teachings (e.g., the big bang) that contradict Scripture. Parents must be careful and discerning about what curricula they choose to use in educating their children. Just because it’s for homeschoolers doesn’t mean it’s Christian . . . or that it stands on biblical authority—or that it takes the stand on biblical creation that it should! is an excellent resource to help you start your homeschool or Christian school curricula search. While you still need to use discretion in what you purchase, Creation Publishers is a great starting place, and we’re pleased to make this helpful resource available to parents and teachers.

Learn more at—and be sure to tell other homeschoolers and Christian schools about this new site!

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