New 4D Theater Now Open at the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham
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We’re excited to announce that the special effects theater at the Creation Museum has been totally renovated and is now open for guests to enjoy a brand-new, 20-minute, spectacular 3D show, In Six Days. Due to the updates, this new state-of-the-art 4D theater is now able to show 3D films as well as provide special effects that create the “4th D,” such as rumbling seats, wind, and other surprises. We had our first showings this past Friday morning.

Guests Watching In Six Days The 4D Special Effects Theater Guests Watching In Six Days Guests Watching In Six Days

We’re excited that our friends at Creation Today have allowed us to show a shortened version of their film Genesis: Paradise Lost in our new 4D theater. The full-length film, which played in several hundred theaters across America earlier this year, features amazing 3D animation of creation week, along with interviews from top creation scientists and theologians. The shortened version we are showing at the museum brings together all of the animation from the original film, with some new clips added. The full version of this movie, Genesis: Paradise Lost, is available in our online store and our Dragon’s Hall bookstore at the Creation Museum.

In Six Days is a 3D experience that brings the first chapter of Genesis to life like never before. With realistic plant life springing forth at God’s command, birds filling the skies, and animals—including dinosaurs—filling the earth, this film looks incredible in the 3D theater (plus special effects). We can’t wait for you to see it!

As our A/V team has been working hard to get this theater ready, they’ve run into a wide variety of challenges but have overcome each one. We appreciate their hard work and dedication to get this amazing theater ready for our guests. Guests who have been to the Creation Museum before won’t even recognize the auditorium as the original Special Effects Theater.

Guests who have been to the Creation Museum before won’t even recognize the auditorium as the original Special Effects Theater.

The new projector is top-of-the-line, liquid-cooled with 34,000 lumens, so the shows will be bright, crisp, and clear. Our projector is a Christie CP 4230 model, currently used in only the most high-tech theaters. The company that created this projector is the world’s leader in 4K resolution Digital Cinema projection—you’ll be blown away by the quality of the images on the screen.

Guests will receive 3D glasses as they enter. Special closed-captioned reading glasses will be available for Deaf guests or those with hearing impairments. But these aren’t the 3D glasses you’re familiar with from regular movie theaters. These are “active 3D glasses” that use infrared technology. And they’re battery operated, allowing them to rapidly shutter open and closed, blocking information meant for the left eye from the right eye. These special high-tech glasses add a whole new level to your experience that you won’t find at most other 3D movie theaters.

I recently did a Facebook Live with two of the staff members (there were many of them) involved with this incredible project, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at this new theater— and even a sneak peek of the show. You can watch that here:

I encourage you to plan a visit to see everything the Creation Museum has to offer. Go to to plan your visit.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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