Enjoy Sight & Sound Theatre’s Moses on the Big Screen

by Ken Ham
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The biblical account of Moses is coming to the big screen for three days only, September 13, 15, and 20, 2018, in movie theaters across the US. Our friends at the Sight & Sound Theatre in Pennsylvania put on a spectacular live stage production of Moses’ life, including his discovery by the pharaoh’s daughter, the burning bush encounter, the 10 plagues, and the crossing of the Red Sea. This production has been seen by over two million people, and now it’s coming to theaters across America. Don’t miss it!

MOSES: Official Trailer - A Special Event in Movie Theaters | 3 Days Only - September 13, 15 & 20, 2018

The production quality, set, script, and music behind these productions are incredible. You’ll be amazed by how these shows bring to life the biblical account (even using live animals!) in an unforgettable way. Sight & Sound is currently showing Jesus in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and Samson in its Branson, Missouri, theatre, so if you want to catch Moses, you’ll have to see it on the big screen September 13, 15, and 20 2018.

Find a theater near you at MosesEvent.com and visit Sight-Sound.com to learn more about Sight & Sound and their amazing live shows. Don’t delay—some shows in their large theatres will sell out.

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