The Wild Brothers Are Back with New Videos

by Ken Ham
Featured in Ken Ham Blog

We’ve been thrilled to partner with the Wild family over the past several years. The Wilds are a missionary family with four boys who are serving an unreached people group in southeast Asia (Papua, Indonesia). The Wild brothers have produced, in partnership with Answers in Genesis, an excellent Christian reality series showing what life is like as missionaries in a remote corner of God’s creation. And we’re excited to announce that the Wild Brothers are back with new videos.

Since their last video came out in 2016, several things have changed for the Wilds, most notably, a big move from the highlands to a remote island (fans will recognize the island from Episode 3, Paradise Lost). To bring viewers up to speed and give them an inside look into the family daily life, philosophy, and latest adventures, the Wilds have launched a vlog (video blog), Highlands to Island.

The first episode is out on YouTube with more to come, so be sure to sign up for email updates at and subscribe on YouTube.

If you would like to support Highlands to Island, check out the Wild Brothers’ Patreon page. Their supporters (called patrons) enjoy a number of benefits, including early access to each new episode.

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