Dallas Radio Personality and His Sunday School Class Visit the Ark Encounter

by Ken Ham
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Every day groups from across the US and even internationally pour into our two Christian themed attractions, the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum. Recently, one of those groups was a Sunday school class and their family members from First Baptist Dallas—about 80 people in all who flew in to Northern Kentucky! Included in the group from Texas was Chris Krok, who hosts a well-listened-to talk show in Dallas on radio station WBAP, and his family.

Chris Krok and Family

Dallas radio personality Chris Krok with his family at the Ark Encounter

Chris commented,

It has been a life-changing trip for us. We have forged life-long friendships and have learned so much more about God and how to defend our faith. The existence of the Ark Encounter is a testimonial in itself, but to walk through it with your church family is priceless.

This Sunday school class visited the Ark and museum for a unique reason—a Scripture memorization incentive program. They were challenged to memorize one page of Scripture and, if they did, they received three nights at a Northern Kentucky hotel and tickets to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum for the whole family! We’re excited so many families could take advantage of this unique incentive and hide God’s Word in their hearts.

Texans at a Restaurant

The group of 80 Texans at a local restaurant in Florence, Kentucky

Plan a visit for your family or a group at ArkEncounter.com and CreationMuseum.org. Come and experience these world-class biblical attractions for yourself.

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