World Environment Day: A Reminder We’re Stewards of God’s Creation

by Ken Ham
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Many people care about the environment and are working to lessen our impact on the planet. Indeed, coming up this week is World Environment Day (June 5), a day to raise awareness for how we can care for the environment. Many of those involved in this day are evolutionists and don’t realize that, in their own worldview, they don’t really have a consistent reason for their concern for creation.

In an evolutionary worldview, why care about the environment?

You see, in an evolutionary worldview, why care about the environment? If it’s survival of the fittest, why even worry about the survival of other species? After all, in this view, we’re only here because species have died out before us. Some will claim we should care for the environment for future generations. But if this life is all we have, and, again, if it’s survival of the fittest, why should we care about the future? We won’t be here, we won’t remember we were even here, and eventually our future progeny won’t be here or even remember they were here!

But in a biblical worldview, we have a reason to care for creation. God created Adam and Eve in his image (Genesis 1:27) and placed them as stewards over everything he had made (Genesis 1:28). We call this the Creation Mandate. It isn’t a license to exploit or destroy creation—after all, God cares about what he has made (i.e. Psalm 147:8–9; Luke 12:6). As God’s representatives here on earth, we’re to lovingly care for it and the creatures that call it home.

Since God cares about creation, and has placed us as stewards of it, we should be mindful of how we can protect and preserve creation for our good and God’s glory. Of course, some people take this too far and end up worshipping the creature and the creation, rather than the Creator. Others elevate the environment above mankind, forgetting that mankind holds a unique place in creation.

Christians should be on the front lines of stewarding the environment. There are many practical steps we can take to help care for creation. Here are just a few ideas one of our staff members collected for you to consider:

  • Host a neighborhood clean-up day. Bring gloves and trash bags and pick up garbage and recycling. Consider sowing some wild flowers (by the way, check which species are native to the area to ensure you don’t introduce an invasive species) or planting some trees.
  • Recycle. If it’s available in your area, recycle plastics and cardboard. Donate used items to a thrift store or give them a second life through a yard sale. Before you throw something away, consider if it can be reused.
  • Reduce plastic use. Plastics do not break down easily or quickly, and our plastic waste is finding its way into the ocean—even onto island beaches and the deep oceans trenches where humans have yet to visit. Our trash is actually visiting places we’ve yet to go!
  • You can reduce your plastic use very simply by avoiding single use items, such as plastic water bottles, disposable diapers, or straws. Bring your own water bottle, use a stainless steel or bamboo straw, or choose cloth diapers instead.

World Environment Day can be a good reminder to Christians of our responsibility to be good stewards of what God graciously entrusted to us in Genesis.

You can learn more about caring for creation for the right reasons and keeping a proper perspective in these two articles:

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