Get Behind-the-Scenes of the New Answers Bible Curriculum Movie

by Ken Ham
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We’re very excited about a project our talented team of designers and A/V staff members has been putting together. This project is a 20-minute movie that follows Noah’s daughter-in-law, Shem’s wife, through the pre-Flood world, the Flood, and life 10 years after the Flood. This movie will be used as part of our Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) and will be shown in our coming 4D theater here at the Creation Museum.

The attention to detail that our designers are putting into this movie is astounding. They’ve thought of everything. I have visited our design studio several times recently to record Facebook Live videos that give you a sneak peek at this project and the incredible work going into it.

This first video showcases the movie set—which, amazingly, is made out of cardboard and foam! You’d never know it to look at the beautiful set.

This second video shows off the kind of post-Flood village Noah and his family may have lived in.

Another video we made was a tour of the design studios. We took a look at some of the props our crew has been developing, including jewelry, clothing, weapons, and more.

Our last video was taken before they started filming the pre-Flood world scenes. It was interesting seeing all the work (several hours) that goes into hair, make-up, and more before they even begin filming.

We’re excited about this new movie and eager to show it to you through ABC—a curriculum used in over 10,000 churches—and at the Creation Museum. It’s going to be of amazing Hollywood quality—but with a biblical message! This film will affirm the historicity and authority of God’s Word—a message of truth!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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