Is Science Inappropriate for Kids?

by Ken Ham on February 18, 2018
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We hear this tired refrain from atheists over and over again: creationists hate science, creationists ignore science, or even that creationists hide science from their kids! But nothing could be further from the truth. We love science! We employ several PhD scientists. We love observing what God has created. The difference is that we interpret what we see through the lens of Scripture while others interpret that exact same evidence through the lens of millions of years and naturalistic evolution.

Our supporters love science too! This year we are offering Explore Day workshops for grades 4–12 at the Creation Museum here in Northern Kentucky. These are all-day workshops devoted to one particular branch of science, such as forensics, botany, astronomy, and genetics. Each workshop is filled with hands-on activities as well as teaching on science and the biblical worldview. And people love them! This month and March are already full, and both the April and May Explore Days are already nearly filled. If you would like to claim one of the remaining spots for your child, visit the Creation Museum website to register.

Explore Astronomy

Dr. Danny Faulkner assists a child to see through one of the telescopes in the Johnson Observatory during an Explore Astronomy workshop.

Explore Dinosaurs Workshop

Buddy Davis teaches children about T. rex during the Explore Dinosaurs workshop.

Explore Forensics

Jennifer Hall Rivera helps a child analyze fingerprint samples during the Explore Forensics workshop.

Explore Genetics

Dr. Georgia Purdom shows a child how to prepare a microscope slide during the Explore Genetics workshop.

Explore Geology Workshop

Dr. Andrew Snelling instructs children about different rock types during the Explore Geology workshop.

Explore Human Anatomy Workshop

Dr. David Menton provides young people with a fascinating look at skeleton during the Explore Human Anatomy workshop.

Petting Zoo Visit at Explore Workshop

Leanne Sarkisian shows children one of the wallabies in the petting zoo during an Explore workshop.

These Explore workshops are also coming together for the summer and our first-ever Explore 5-Day Summer Camp. This day camp (with one overnight in the Creation Museum) features 20 hands-on science workshops focusing on a variety of science fields, all from a distinctly biblical worldview. It’s a week packed with science, fun, and learning. You’ll want to register today to ensure a spot for your science-loving young person.

Learn more about everything the Creation Museum has to offer and plan your visit at

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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