Gay Couple: Reverend Should Step Down Over His Views on Marriage

by Ken Ham
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Apparently a gay couple in the United Kingdom is calling for a reverend in the Church of England to step down after he “refused to bless their marriage at their local church.” Reportedly, these two men wanted a “traditional service” at the local church. But the Church of England doesn’t allow for same-sex weddings, so they wanted the Reverend Alan Comfort to “bless” their “marriage” with a special ceremony, which he declined to do. And, predictably, the reverend is now facing severe backlash. But there’s no such thing as “marriage” unless it is one man and one woman as God originally designed in Genesis.

“His Views Are Outdated”

When asked if he believed the reverend should step down over this issue, one of the men said:

100%. He should listen to his community, he needs to understand, how accepting the world has become and that his views are outdated [emphasis added]. What we are battling is someone's personal views and not legal views or the views of the community. He should take a real hard look at himself and realise that he is not a community leader or should be one with that much authority.

So simply because this reverend and his denomination don’t agree with gay “marriage,” which is a view based on God’s Word, these men think he isn’t fit to serve in a church or in the community. A Christian, holding to Christian views, is being targeted for running his church based on those Christian views!

As I’ve said before, those in the LGBT movement don’t simply want tolerance of their views—they want their views accepted and imposed on the culture, and want those who don’t agree to be punished.

Wishing Them Well?

Now, I must say, I am disappointed with the Reverend’s response to this issue. Apparently, he said,

The Church of England has not agreed for same sex marriages to take place as yet, and the debate concerning this is a struggle for many of us.

In law Andrew is legally able to be married to Jason and I wish them well in their decision [emphasis added].

As a Christian I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman and I must hold to the integrity of my own beliefs whilst wishing others well in whatever they choose.

I did encourage Andrew to talk to other churches or church leaders who may see things differently as I know some may do.

This church leader did not bring the issue back to God’s Word as he should have. He did not show that God’s Word—not our own opinions—is the authority. This isn’t an issue of one person’s opinion vs. another (which is what his answer implies)—it’s an issue of God’s Word vs. man’s word!

The reverend should have explained that he doesn’t define marriage as a man and a woman on his own authority; he defines it as such because God, as our Creator, defines marriage as between one man and one woman. In fact, God didn’t just define marriage—he created marriage! Outside of God’s definition, there is no such thing as “marriage.”

That’s the correct response to this issue. Of course, Reverend Comfort’s answer isn’t surprising, coming from the increasingly theologically liberal Church of England.

Like everyone else, these two men are sinners in need of a Savior.

Also, no Christian should wish a gay couple “well in their decision.” Now, that doesn’t mean we show hatred toward them! No, we want to share God’s love with them and point them to the gospel. Their decision to live a life of rebellion and sin will not end well, regardless of our well wishes. Like everyone else, these two men are sinners in need of a Savior. They need the good news of Jesus Christ and the forgiveness and eternal life he offers—not affirmation of their sin!

I encourage pastors and other Christian leaders to take a biblical stand on this issue, but not to point to their own opinions, or the opinions of their church, as the reason for their stand. Always direct people to God’s Word, because that alone is our authority and should be the foundation for our thinking.

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