Learn How the Arctic Fox Get Its Winter Coat from Answers Magazine

by Ken Ham
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Subscribers to our award-winning Answers magazine, start checking your mailbox because the latest issue of this popular publication is on its way. This family magazine comes out six times a year and is packed with apologetics and creation worldview teaching you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re not a subscriber, be sure to order today so you won’t miss this amazing issue.

The cover feature in this issue highlights the incredible design of the Arctic fox and how God has lavishly provided for this north-dwelling member of the dog kind. You’ll also learn some fun facts about rocks that date back to Creation Week and what makes them unique and valuable to mankind. Get answers to the chaos of a culture that is tearing itself apart, and go behind the scenes to learn about Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson and his groundbreaking new book, Replacing Darwin.

You’ll also dive into these fascinating topics:

  • Mountains, volcanoes, deserts, glaciers, and more—these geological features point to a dramatic catastrophe in the past, followed by continuing mass erosion. Learn about the aftereffects of a world settling down from the Flood.

  • Professors who promote the idea of evolution expect “lower animals” to be less intelligent than “higher animals,” but that’s not the case! From ants that count their steps to chickadees that describe predators in their chirps, God’s creation is full of astonishing examples of intelligence. (This article is available as a Sneak Peek: “Smarter Than You Think.”)

  • God’s design in creation never ceases to amaze. Discover hummingbird hawk moths—whose wings beat faster than a hummingbird’s!—and aphids that can grow wings in just one generation.

  • Medical needs—like a glue that can work with our wet insides—are increasingly being met by studying the design of God’s creation. Learn about surprising creatures that researchers are studying for medical solutions.

And that’s just a sampling of what you’ll discover!

Each new issue includes a kid’s mini- pullout magazine that will equip children to think biblically about the world around them. In this issue of KIDS Answers, young readers will learn about some of the amazing creatures that survive and thrive in the frigid Arctic, and they’ll read about the one who made it all, our Lord God.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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