Read Through the Bible Chronologically in 2018

by Ken Ham
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Christians often make a New Year’s resolution to read their Bible more often or perhaps to read it through in a year. Reading God’s Word, from Genesis to Revelation, is a very rewarding experience that helps us grow closer to God and learn more about what he expects of us. To help you read through all of God’s Word in just one year, we have a new resource, The 10 Minute Bible Journey, with a special bookmark.

The 10 Minute Bible Journey is a brand-new book from Dale Mason, an Answers in Genesis vice president. It covers the biggest events of Scripture chronologically—in the order they actually happened—in 52 quick reads. Understanding the Bible chronologically helps the Bible make sense because it shows how everything fits together perfectly.

But it shouldn’t stop there! We want you to dig into God’s Word. So we’ve just created a Bible reading plan conveniently laid out in a bookmark. This bookmark turns every Bible into a chronological Bible. Follow the plan, and start your first month with The 10 Minute Bible Journey. This gives you an overview of the Bible, helping you understand its main themes and characters. Then you jump into reading God’s Word, finishing at the end of 2018.

This inexpensive bookmark is available from our website, so you can order copies for everyone in your church, Sunday school, or youth group or enjoy a free digital download to print and fold yourself.

The 10 Minute Bible Journey is available as a digital download (and the download contains over 1,000 searchable study notes you won’t find in the print version), so you can download it instantly to be ready for January 1 if you want to make this your New Year’s resolution.

Make this the year you read through God’s Word and draw closer to him.

We want everyone to read God’s Word—all of it. We hope these new resources will be helpful for you as you start this new year. Make this the year you read through God’s Word and draw closer to him.

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