Two Museums, Two Science Programs, and Two Worldviews

by Ken Ham
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The ability to study God’s creation—a rational universe we can make sense of—and do science is a great gift from our Creator. Science should move us to praise and glorify him. But, sadly, many worship the created creatures rather than their Creator. And many children are indoctrinated in government schools to think this way, instead of being encouraged to look to God’s Word, use that as the basis for science, and then do good science for God’s glory. Well, we have unique and exciting Explore Days coming to the Creation Museum throughout 2018 to encourage kids to love science but to do it through the lens of a biblical worldview.

Creation Museum Explore Workshops

Learn more about the Creation Museum's Explore Days.

Dr. Jennifer Rivera, the Creation Museum’s education specialist and a forensics expert who is heading up these workshops, wrote about an upcoming science program for children at the Cincinnati Museum Center (about 20 miles from our museum). She contrasted it with the Explore Days at the Creation Museum. She writes,

This winter, two local museums in the Cincinnati area are providing science programs for children. Parents have the option of enrolling their children in the Cincinnati Museum Center’s Program on Wheels entitled “Evolution of Diversity” or the Creation Museum’s “Explore Forensics.” As a parent, consider which program would engage your child in learning science from a biblical worldview and teach them the truth of God’s Word.

Explore: Forensics Workshop at the Creation Museum

Forensic expert Dr. Jennifer Rivera helps a student with fingerprint analysis during the Explore Forensics workshop.

Looking through a telescope at the Creation Museum

Dr. Danny Faulkner helps a child stargaze in the Creation Museum’s Johnson Observatory during the Explore Astronomy workshop.

The Cincinnati Museum Center’s Evolution of Diversity program will “explore a timeline of major species evolution and extinction events.”1 During this hands-on workshop, children will supposedly be captivated by the evolutionary dioramas and fossil specimens, designed to convince them these faulty, man-made ideas are in fact true. Sadly, this is another example of indoctrinating children, with the use of visually alluring materials, into believing that everything came into existence through random processes over eons of time. If these children are just animals and the result of random accidents, then they have no purpose, no hope in life, and no basis for right and wrong.

Students in Explore: Botany

Students dissect a flower in the Explore Botany workshop.

Children leave these workshops convinced that the process of evolution is scientific fact, but this is not the case. Evolutionary processes have never been observed and are solely based on man’s faulty assumptions about the past and misinterpretations of the fossil record and other scientific evidence. Ultimately, evolutionary scientists are relying on blind faith when making their interpretations.

What we observe in the world is completely consistent with God’s Word!

In contrast, the biblical account of creation has been directly observed by the perfect eyewitness, Jesus Christ, who provides us with an accurate description of these events in Genesis. Beginning with the Genesis record and the timeline provided in the Bible, creation scientists are able to make intelligent, reasonable scientific predictions with logical conclusions. What we observe in the world is completely consistent with God’s Word! And by starting with God’s Word, children recognize their value and purpose within God’s creation. At the Creation Museum, children are taught real science through a biblical lens.

Students with a wallaby at Creation Museum petting zoo

Students visit a wallaby during their tour of the petting zoo at the Creation Museum.

We are not ashamed to stand on the authority of God’s Word and present hands-on science activities with the Bible as our starting point. Our educational programs are designed to provide solid observational science interwoven with biblical truth.

Explore: The Human Body Workshop

Dr. David Menton teaches students about the skeleton in the Explore The Human Body workshop.

The Explore Forensics program being offered on January 19, 2018, meets these expectations and high standards of learning. Students will participate in a full day of hands-on forensic science activities on the following topics: fingerprint history and pattern recognition, understanding the difference between historical and observational science, fingerprint processing and lifting techniques, forensic hair analysis, and forensic entomology.

Explore: Genetics

Dr. Georgia Purdom teaches a student during the Explore Genetics workshop.

Proverbs 22:6 instructs parents to train up children in the way they should go. What better opportunity than to enroll your children in programs where they will be exposed to popular science topics grounded in the truth of God’s Word? For more information on the Explore Forensics program and more Explore programs being offered in 2018 (including Explore Science Camps this summer) see

I encourage you to consider registering your child for our faith-affirming Explore Forensics program or any of our other upcoming Explore Days this year. Register, learn more, and see the full list of Explore Days on our Creation Museum website.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.


  1. “Science Programs-on-Wheels,” Cincinnati Museum Center, December 6, 2017,

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