Atheist Convention Cancelled but Re-Engage Conference Is This Week

by Ken Ham
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An upcoming atheist convention in Australia with the theme "Reason to Hope" became hopeless due to poor ticket sales and was cancelled. Apparently ticket sales “have been substantially below expectations and below the levels for previous conventions,” so the conference, which was to feature prominent atheist Richard Dawkins among others, was called off and the tickets that had been sold will be refunded.

Ultimately, what's the point of such a conference? What's the message? It would be a pretty short conference!

Become an atheist, give yourself meaning and purpose, then die and never know you existed. That’s it, folks.

No wonder the atheist conference was cancelled.

Apparently the committee that put together this conference “secured Victorian [an Australian state] government funding” to begin planning the conference. I find it interesting that this atheist group received funds from the government for their conference. If the government had given the funding to a Christian group, you can be sure that atheist groups would be up in arms about it! But they are fine with receiving government money to promote their religion—they just don’t want anyone else to be able to do the same.

You see, atheism is a religion. Atheists believe there's no God; they believe life and the universe arose by natural processes. Their religion is one without hope and purpose. It's ultimately a meaningless religion. Their religion has no “Reason to Hope.”

But there is reason to hope for atheists and everyone:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).

Only Christianity has that sure hope everyone needs!

Answers Coming to Australia

Australia needs to hear the message of the good news from God’s Word more than ever. Just like nations across the West, Australia is becoming increasingly secular. The results from the recent postal survey of 61% saying “yes” to gay “marriage” highlight the growing secular mindset of that nation. Australian believers need to be equipped to engage with a dying culture!

Geologist (and fellow Aussie) Dr. Andrew Snelling and I will be in Australia for the ReEngage conference November 24–25, 2017, located near Brisbane. This conference will strengthen and encourage believers with answers to the tough questions of our day and teach them how to gently and effectively engage with our culture for Christ. I encourage you to be there—you won’t want to miss this time of teaching and fellowship!

Learn more and register at

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