Take an African Family Safari with Buddy Davis and David Rives

by Ken Ham
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Get ready for adventure, luxury accommodations, astronomy, service opportunities, exotic animals, creation apologetics teaching, and more during the South African Family Safari and Creation Tour from Living Passages taking place June 12–22, 2018, in South Africa. You and your family can go on the adventure of a lifetime with paleo-artist, musician, and adventurer Buddy Davis along with David Rives of TBN’s Creation in the 21st Century and David Rives Ministries.

On this educational creation tour you will launch out on several exciting safari adventures and get an opportunity to view some iconic African wildlife such as elephants (and you might even get to swim with them), giraffes, lions, and more. You’ll gaze up at the stars and learn about astronomy from a biblical worldview—and since it’s in the southern hemisphere, you’ll see completely different constellations from the northern hemisphere.

You’ll also have an opportunity to serve with Blessman Ministries, a ministry involved with projects such as digging wells and offering children’s healthcare across South Africa. During down time, you can enjoy the golf courses, spa, pool, mountain biking, and more on the grounds of the luxury lodge, nestled in the foothills of the Mokopane region—and maybe even take a hot air balloon ride.

This is an authentic safari experience you won’t want to miss!

During all of these exciting activities, you and your family will be learning about God’s Word and his creation from dynamic creation speakers and musical artists Buddy Davis and David Rives. You’ll be equipped with answers to questions about Noah’s Flood, astronomy, cosmology, creation, and more, all in the context of beautiful South Africa. This is an authentic safari experience you won’t want to miss!

Learn more, view a full itinerary, and register today on the Living Passages website. Register before December 22, 2017 to enjoy the optional Lion’s Walk Safari for free.

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