“If Life”—An Inspiring Project

by Ken Ham
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At Answers in Genesis we are unashamedly pro-life and are so thankful for individuals and organizations that stand up for those with no voice. One such individual is Anna Hoduski, a young Pensacola Christian College graduate behind Project If Life. She is running and biking across America to educate and motivate others to get involved in the equality movement for the unborn. She and her team want to see abortion ended in America by seeing Roe v. Wade overturned.

Anna has run over 1,700 miles, but, due to a knee injury, she switched to biking and has peddled over 800 miles as she gets closer to her goal of reaching Washington, DC. Along the way, she’s spoken in churches, schools, and other venues to groups of all ages. In these two videos you can learn more about Project If Life and Anna’s inspiration to run across America:

According to her website, Anna’s run is called “Project If Life” because “abortion can and will only end in America if and only if we do something about it.” I’m thankful she’s doing something about it and encouraging others to join with her in ending the bloody violence of abortion (really, murder of the unborn).

You can join Anna and her team for the end of her run on October 15, 2017, at 7 p.m. at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. This event will be livestreamed via Facebook Live so anyone can join. Follow Project If on Facebook to receive a notification when they go live.

Learn more at ProjectIf.Life.

Anna is trying to get America to stop the legalized murder of children! And we all should certainly be supporting that unreservedly!

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