How to Get the Most Out of Sunday School at Your Church

by Ken Ham
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When executed properly, Sunday school can be an effective way to teach and train generations of children—but it doesn’t have to be just for children! When families attend Sunday school together, there can be amazing spiritual benefits. That’s why we made our Sunday school curriculum, Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC), for the entire family, from preschool to adult.

ABC lessons are synchronized across ages, so the entire family is learning the same material at varying levels of depth. This means that you know what your children are learning because you’re learning the same material, but with more depth. You can answer your family’s questions, ask them questions, and start Bible-centered discussions. ABC can be a great tool to help families grow spiritually. What an opportunity for parents to be leading their children in spiritual matters!

ABC can be a great tool to help families grow spiritually.

Recently, a first and second grade ABC teacher from New Hampshire told us that adults in her church have started joining the adult Sunday school group because their children were asking them questions they couldn’t answer!

ABC is a unique curriculum that combines apologetics teaching with a chronological walk through the Bible with an emphasis on biblical authority and in-depth teaching on Bible doctrines. Even for younger grades, ABC has depth and will challenge and equip your child as young as preschool!

I encourage you to consider Answers Bible Curriculum for your church, Christian school, or homeschool. You can try a month for free when you visit

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