Join Me and Dr. Andrew Snelling in Australia This Fall

by Ken Ham
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I always enjoy visiting my home country of Australia (after the long flight is over, of course) and try to make a trip each year. In November I will be headed Down Under, along with my Aussie colleague, geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling, to speak at the Re-Engage Conference 2017. This event will take place near Brisbane on Friday evening, November 24, 2017, and all day Saturday, November 25.

I hope you’ll join Andrew and me for this unique creation-apologetics conference. We are expecting people from all across Australia to travel to Brisbane for this very needed series of presentations.

At the annual Re-Engage conference, local and global apologetics and biblical worldview speakers encourage Australian Christians to engage their churches, communities, and culture. I am excited to speak for my fellow Aussies, along with a fellow Aussie (Andrew), equipping the Australian church to engage other believers and unbelievers with biblical truth.

This will be our only 2017 speaking event in Australia.

On Friday night, Andrew will speak about how rock layers and fossils confirm a global Flood. On Saturday, he will give a presentation on the flaws with radiometric dating methods. I will speak on Friday night on Genesis and the state of Western culture, and will give three Saturday presentations on the origin of “races”(including a discussion on natural selection), how to develop a truly Christian worldview, and how science confirms the Bible. I will also discuss how to effectively communicate Christian messages in our increasingly secularized Western culture. To finish the conference, Andrew and I will conduct a Q&A together.

This will be our only 2017 speaking event in Australia. I hope you will come to Brisbane, Australia, to join us. We will also have the largest range of creation-apologetics books, DVDs, curricula, and other resources ever seen available for purchase in Australia!

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