Algae Are Your Ancestors?

by Ken Ham on September 7, 2017
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Do “molecules of ancient organisms” from Australian rocks answer the question of man’s origin? Well, this recent article suggests that we humans owe our existence to . . . algae. Supposedly, it’s only because algae formed that life was able to evolve and diversify so, they say, “algae . . . are the ancestors of us all.” After all, evolutionists believe humans are related to all animals and plants in their so-called evolutionary tree of life.

According to this new story about the origin of life, bacteria dominated the planet in the supposed Snowball Earth period, a time during which evolutionists believe nearly the whole planet was covered in ice. Then, 650 million years ago, “complex forms of life suddenly took over. The reasons why this happened were somewhat of a mystery.” But the mystery is now solved, apparently. The end of this period presumably created the perfect conditions for algae to bloom and, after some time, you get from algae to us—not that much of a jump really!

Of course, this is nothing but a story—a fairy tale—attempting to explain how complex life appeared on earth.

Of course, this is nothing but a story—a fairy tale—attempting to explain how complex life appeared on earth. Another article commenting on this same study concludes by asking, “With this evidence at hand, we might finally know the true creation of man on this planet?” Well, you don’t need to look at molecules from rocks to determine the true origin of mankind. God’s Word tells us plainly,

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. (Genesis 1:27)

The evolutionary story will only continue changing as new evidence comes to light (interpreted through their naturalistic worldview and the lens of millions of years), but those who put their trust in God’s Word won’t be disappointed. God’s Word doesn’t change—it will endure forever (Isaiah 40:8), and nothing’s been found to show it untrustworthy. Observational science has confirmed the history in the Bible over and over again.

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