Study: Earth Faces “Biological Annihilation”

by Ken Ham
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According to a new study, “biological annihilation” is around the corner for many of the earth’s species. The researchers claim a sixth mass extinction is now underway, this one caused by mankind. Of course, in a biblical worldview there’s only been one mass extinction, caused by the global Flood of Noah’s day.

I found this study interesting from an evolutionary perspective. In an evolutionary worldview, the strongest and fittest survive to reproduce while the others die off. And this is a good thing, evolutionists say, because it has supposedly given rise to the biological diversity we see today and, most importantly, to mankind. Yet these evolutionary scientists are decrying the mass extinction they are predicting.

Why are they upset about species going extinct? If humans are the most fit and other species suffer, so what? Who cares? That’s how evolution is supposed to work. Species need to adapt and evolve to keep up with a changing world. If they can’t, well, too bad for them. In an evolutionary worldview it is inconsistent to believe that natural selection has been a good thing throughout millions of years of history but that it’s suddenly a bad thing now that we’re here.

In a biblical worldview, we have a rationale for being concerned for creation.

But in a biblical worldview, we have a rationale for being concerned for creation. The possibility of “biological annihilation” should concern Christians and we should look into it and see what we can do to help maintain the incredible diversity of what God has created. Why? Because we have been placed as stewards of his creation (Genesis 1:28). Our job is to care for creation, not abuse it or ignore warning signs that something must be done.

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