God Used D is for Dinosaur “To Bring Me to Himself”

by Ken Ham
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Over the years I have written several kids’ books to help children understand the gospel as well as the history in God’s Word. One of these books is the rhyming book (coauthored with my wife, Mally) D is for Dinosaur. This book is intended for children, but I recently received an encouraging testimony from a woman in North Carolina who said God used this children’s book to bring her to himself! I thought I’d share Jane’s story with you.

Ken, I write to thank you for your ministry. It was the means Christ used to bring me to himself 15 years ago. I’d bought a used copy of D is for Dinosaur at a library book sale. I’d checked out several other books about dinosaurs from the same library because my then 4-year-old loved them. I read several of the library books to him. Then I read your book; I didn't make it through the alphabet. It was as if the Holy Spirit grabbed me by the scruff of the neck like I was a kitten (figuratively) and said, “Which is true?” (Again, this is what it felt like—I didn’t hear a voice or see a vision.)

I had grown up in a church all my life and lived a very faithful nominal “Christian” system. That’s what I was taught. But there I was with my precious little boy next to me. He wasn’t a pile of protoplasm, a descendant from the primordial slime, and destined for a meaningless life and an exit to nowhere.

As I sat looking at your book and at the others, God challenged me (again, not literally): “Which is real? They both can’t be. How are you gonna raise your children?” That night instead of watching TV with my husband, as was our custom after the children were in bed, I got out my Bible and started reading in Genesis. I read straight through and the Lord took over my whole existence. Everything changed.

I just wanted you to know that your ministry was instrumental in God’s enlightening my mind and renewing my will. Your creation tape series was my growth in grace and knowledge. . . . About seven or eight years ago, we visited the museum as well.

It’s so encouraging to hear stories of things God has done through the Answers in Genesis ministry. We praise God for the changed hearts and lives and are so thankful we can be part of what he is doing.

In our Creation Museum, we feature many exhibits on dinosaurs, including their bones (we have a world-class allosaur dinosaur on display). We use dinosaurs as “missionary lizards” to help us present the gospel message in a unique way for children and their parents. Plan your museum visit at CreationMuseum.org. We are west of the Cincinnati Airport and 45 minutes from the Ark Encounter.

You can join with us in spreading the message of biblical authority and the gospel by praying, volunteering, or donating. Learn more about these opportunities to partner with us at AnswersinGenesis.org/donate.

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