Travel to Eternity Past and Eternity Future with Our 2018 Answers VBS!

by Ken Ham on June 5, 2017
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The wait is finally over—the theme for our 2018 Answers Vacation Bible School (VBS) has now been revealed! This exciting new VBS will powerfully present the gospel to tens of thousands of children across the nation as they learn about Jesus, from eternity past to eternity future in Time Lab.

Kids will travel back to the beginning of creation to discover Jesus, who was there before time began. Then they’ll dive into the Old Testament as they learn about Christophanies and see the preincarnate Christ as he meets and talks with Abraham and Gideon. And kids love to learn the real “meat” of God’s Word. On day three they come to the Cross, the most important moment in history when the God-man paid the penalty for our sins. The gospel is presented each day during Time Lab VBS but is powerfully and fully presented on day three.

Day four comes to the present and lets children know what Jesus is doing now, before they head into eternity future on the final day where they’ll learn about the coming new heavens and new earth. It’s an exciting trip through time that will help kids learn to see Jesus throughout Scripture and history.

Our Answers VBS is extremely popular and is the only VBS we know of that contains apologetics teaching combined with biblical authority, doctrine, and the gospel. It also has catchy memory verse songs, science experiments, dramas, crafts, snacks, and more. And we’ve recently updated our VBS manager to be even more user friendly to help VBS directors easily plan and coordinate their summer programs.

I encourage you to consider Time Lab VBS for your church’s 2018 VBS. It’s a gospel-centered program that gets kids into God’s Word and equips them with answers to the skeptical questions of the world.

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