Three Big Events You Should Consider Attending

by Ken Ham
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You’re invited to join me for some big events coming up this month. I’ll be speaking at First Baptist Church Woodstock in Georgia, March 19–20, 2017, and then at Cross Church in Springdale, Arkansas, March 26–27, 2017. These two family-friendly events are completely free, and everyone is invited to attend, no registration required.

I’ll be speaking on Genesis and the state of the culture Sunday morning at both venues (once at the Cross Church Springdale Campus and then again at the Pinnacle Hills Campus later that morning). At First Baptist Church Woodstock, I’ll be giving an evening talk titled “Communicating the Christian Message in a Secular World.” These sessions will help you understand what’s happened in our Western culture and how you can effectively proclaim the gospel to others.

At both venues the next morning, I’ll be giving talks specifically for young people. Children, kindergarten through grade six, will learn about dinosaurs and how we should understand them starting with God’s Word. Then I’ll speak with the junior high and high school students on “Science Confirms the Bible.” I encourage all Christian school and homeschool students to attend. And bring your unbelieving friends to be challenged with the truth of God’s Word!

Here are the trailers for these exciting Bible-affirming events. I encourage you to share them with others, or, if your church is located near either of these venues, encourage your congregation to attend:

Learn more on our events calendar at

Nye Premiere

Last night in Texas was the premiere of Bill Nye: Science Guy, a documentary about Bill Nye’s quest to supposedly “restore science to its rightful place in a world hostile to evidence and reason.” Since footage from his visit to the Ark last summer (which turned into another debate with Mr. Nye as I walked him though the Ark) is supposed to be included in it, we decided to show you the full debate.

You can watch our entire two-hour exchange, unedited, for free tonight during our livestream broadcast from my Facebook page or our Answers in Genesis YouTube channel. Learn more on our website.

Order your own copy of the Nye/Ham The Second Debate DVD from our online store.

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