Lunar Recession, Fake News, and Mass Extinctions—Get Answers!

by Ken Ham
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Want to stay up to date on the latest creation research and get the scoop on how to answer attacks on God’s Word and the Christian faith? Look no farther than our Answers magazine. This award-winning, bimonthly publication is very popular with families and churches across the country (and even around the world). Here’s a peek at what you’ll see in the newest issue!

Ever wondered how your taste buds work? What about the chemical building blocks for life that are being found on asteroids? With all those basic ingredients supposedly occurring naturally, could life really develop spontaneously, given enough time? And how can we interpret all the contradictory claims that come our way through the news and social media? Get answers to these questions and much more in this newest issue of the bimonthly Answers magazine.

Here are some other topics that we’ll cover:

  • Creation Basics—A Gap too Wide to Cross

    Attempting to harmonize the Bible with evolution, some well-meaning Christians simply replaced one theological problem with another.

  • Lunar Recession

    Every year, the moon moves an inch or so farther from earth. It may not seem like much, but that tiny movement puts a big limit on evolution.

  • Is the Bible a Distraction?

    In an interview with seminary professor Russell Moore, the popular Atlanta-area pastor Andy Stanley encouraged Christian leaders to stop focusing on the Bible. He says to reach a skeptical world, we should focus on the Resurrection instead. But we don’t need to take our eyes off Scripture and not defend it to emphasize the Resurrection. In fact it makes no sense to do so!

Here are a few of the articles in this new issue. You can read them on our website, or, if you are a subscriber, look for them in your new copy of Answers magazine:

  • Five Mass Extinctions or One Cataclysmic Event?

    Five major divisions in the fossil layers show distinct types of creatures that do not appear in subsequent layers. Do they represent mass extinctions that occurred millions of years apart, or is there a better explanation?

  • Echidna—Outback Oddity

    Evolution is hard-pressed to explain this prickly little digger. That’s because the echidna’s inventive Creator made it with a collection of features that show up in no other single animal.

  • Taste & See

    The infinite diversity of delicious food is a demonstration of our Creator’s love for us. You’ll see the goodness of our God in the very taste of the food on your plate.

In addition to this faith-building content, there’s an eight-panel pullout kids’ mini-magazine filled with stunning graphics, games, activities, and Bible-upholding apologetics content. Your children will learn about “awesome oddities” that are different by design, such as the echidna, platypus, blue dragon, and colugo. They will be encouraged to live differently, just as God has called them to.

I encourage you to subscribe to Answers magazine today. Learn more at

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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