Stunning Why the Bible Is True Exhibit Opens with Ribbon Cutting

by Ken Ham

I’m excited to announce that our brand-new exhibit, Why the Bible Is True, officially opened to the public today after a special ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky. This massive exhibit, taking up 2,500 square feet, has been months in the making and fills much of the bow end of the Ark’s third deck. Why the Bible Is True features a contemporary, graphic novel style, with exceptional artwork that allows you to seemingly walk through the pages of a book.

Why the Bible Is True Exhibit Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Lead designer Patrick Marsh, left, and Ken Ham, right, flank exhibit designer Jon Taylor as he cuts the ribbon to open the striking “Why the Bible is True” exhibit.

Our Ark guests will follow the story of a few college students seeking answers to their questions about the truth of the Bible and why there is death and suffering. Included is a gospel presentation that uses various doors mentioned in the Bible (e.g., the door of the Ark, the door of the sheepfold, the door to the tomb, the narrow way, and so on). This spectacular new exhibit is a powerful presentation of the gospel message, and we believe many people will be impacted by it.

Why the Bible Is True Exhibit Why the Bible Is True Exhibit Why the Bible Is True Exhibit Why the Bible Is True Exhibit Why the Bible Is True Exhibit

During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, attended by TV crews from five media outlets including from Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky, we dedicated this new exhibit to God’s glory and the proclamation of the good news of the gospel. The event was open to the public, and over 600 people joined us on the third deck for the ceremony—they were excited to be among the first to see this stunning new exhibit.

Ken Ham with TV Crew Why the Bible Is True Exhibit Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Why the Bible Is True Exhibit Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Why the Bible Is True Exhibit Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

We streamed the ribbon cutting via Facebook Live through my Facebook page. You can watch the recording below.

Dr. David Wismer, sponsor of the exhibit with his wife, shared by email,

Mary Anne and I support ministries and colleges that are committed to a literal, historic reading of the Bible from the very first word in Genesis. . . . Of all the Ark exhibits, we think this one is the most important. It is the one that confirms why the Ark Encounter attraction is important, namely, the Bible is the one and only book that leads one to salvation and eternal life. What could be more important than that?

Also today we began showing our new movie As in the Days of Noah that is featured in our open theater on the stern end of the third deck. This is a follow on from The Noah Interview that is shown on the second deck. The new movie features a special segment by my good friend Ray Comfort as he preaches the gospel in his convicting style.

Our prayer is that this striking Why the Bible Is True exhibit and the new movie will challenge visitors with the truth of God’s Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to bring your unbelieving friends and relatives to the family-friendly Ark Encounter to encounter God’s Word and the gospel. And if you’ve already visited the Ark, you will definitely want to plan another visit as soon as possible to see this remarkable new exhibit and watch this new movie.

If you haven’t visited, plan your experience today. You won’t want to miss seeing the life-size Noah’s Ark with its three decks of world-class exhibits, as well as Ararat Ridge Zoo, the petting zoo, Emzara’s Kitchen, and Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures. We’re located south of Cincinnati at exit 154 off I-75, within a day’s drive of almost two thirds of America’s population.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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