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We’re very excited about the issue of Answers magazine that’s now on its way to mailboxes (and inboxes!) across the United States and around the world. We’ve recently expanded our popular creation apologetics magazine from quarterly to bimonthly, and this issue is the first of six for this year. This means you get even more faith-affirming teaching when you subscribe to Answers. While many magazines are folding, Answers is growing. With this expansion to an issue every eight weeks, we believe subscriptions will grow even more.

Answers Magazine

The cover feature in this newest issue looks at three “annual” dating methods—counting tree rings, layers in ice cores, and varves (sediment layers on lake bottoms)—popular arguments against a young earth. You’ll also be moved by a stirring testimony to the truth that nothing can hinder the gospel, not even sexual orientation. My column reminds believers of the importance of the Old Testament today, and Dr. Andrew Snelling relates startling evidence for massive earth movements that could have been caused only by a global Flood.

Here’s a quick snapshot of just a few topics covered in this issue:

  • “What a Tale a Tail Can Tell”—Worldwide myths of two celestial long-tailed bears support Scripture’s account of how all humans spread from Babel not long ago!
  • “Targeted Apologetics”—What do young people believe are the best evidences of evolution? A behavioral scientist sought the answer so we could target our training.
  • “Round-the-Clock Detox”—Your body produces poisons all day long. Not to worry. Your liver’s got it covered. Try this experiment!

And here are some articles from the upcoming issue you can read ahead of time on our website:

  • Cute Clandestine Climber—Hiding in Indonesia’s tropical forests is one of the cutest—and most creatively designed—creatures on the planet.
  • Painkillers from Poisons"—Many painkillers have dangerous side effects. But poisons found in nature may someday take their place.
  • When Continents Collide—When geologists assume the earth changes slowly, they overlook astonishing evidence of Noah’s global Flood.

Kids Feature

Each issue of Answers also includes a mini-magazine just for kids. This issue features the incredible design of beetles. Children will love the colorful photos, the games, and devotional.

Get all this content and much more when you subscribe to Answers. This unique magazine is available as a print or digital publication—or both! And with each year of your subscription, you get a free DVD or video download as our gift to you (that’s up to a $12.99 value per year of your subscription).

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