Everyone Must Give an Account to God—Even the President!

by Ken Ham
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News media are reporting that President Obama’s administration is scrambling to protect government funding of Planned Parenthood before his term in office ends. Funding of Planned Parenthood is nothing less than supporting the murder of children in their mothers’ womb. President Obama is forcing taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood and to sacrifice children to the state-imposed religion of the god-of-self.

President Obama has to stand before God one day and give an account of his legacy of undermining what God has ordained for marriage, family, and so on. His legacy includes supporting the murder of millions of children and attacking God’s created order of male and female.

For we must all [including presidents, kings, queens, and atheists] appear before the judgment seat of Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:10)

Visiting the Ark and Christmas Town

It was cold but beautiful at the Ark Encounter as my wife and I stood in front of the Ark (the photo is a bit blurry). At the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, you will see the most exquisite Christmas lights and the most important message in the universe—God’s Son became the God-man to save us. The saddest event in the history of the universe: when we sinned in Adam. The most joyous event: God’s Son became the God-man to save us.

Ken and Mally at Ark

Three of our grandkids (see if you can find all three in the photo) listened intently to the shepherds at Christmas Town at the Creation Museum the other night.

Shepherds and Guests

Despite bitter cold on the opening evening, and heavy rain over the weekend, thousands have visited Christmas Town that will be held over 13 nights this year. Here are some other photos of this year’s Christmas Town (that includes a live Nativity, dramas, music, great food, and much more). Christmas Town (a free event) is on each evening through December 23, and from December 26–30.

Christmas Town at the Creation Museum Christmas Town at the Creation Museum Christmas Town at the Creation Museum Christmas Town at the Creation Museum

Sadly, many secularists scoff at Christmas Town, particularly the babe in the manger. Why do they mock Him? Because they refuse to acknowledge their sin and refuse to submit to their Creator. It’s pride!

Many secularists don’t want Christmas because they don’t want CHRIST! Sadly, they want their own evolutionary, god-of-self religion. In this religion there is no God, death is the end, and there’s no ultimate purpose. In Christianity it’s the opposite—God created, we sinned, death is the penalty, and God came to save us. They need the most important message in the world: Jesus said, “I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved" (John 10:9).

Door of the Ark

When you visit the Ark Encounter, take your photo at the door with a silhouette of the Cross at the top—a reminder of Christ, the Door.

Door of the Ark Door of the Ark

Don’t miss our spectacular Christmas Town at the Creation Museum and startling lights at the Ark Encounter (and special Christmas offers including half price tickets to the Ark Encounter from 5 p.m.–9 p.m. each day!).

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