Bill Nye, “It’s Not Crazy To Suggest . . . You and I Are Descendants of Martians.”

by Ken Ham
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Bill Nye, “the Science Guy,” recently toured the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky, with me. The visit turned into a second “debate” during which I was able to share the gospel and even pray for Bill. Well, during our conversation, he actually said (in fact emphasized) that it’s not crazy to believe humans are descendants of Martians!

Now, he thinks it’s “extraordinary but not crazy” to believe we’re descended from Martians, but I believe he thinks Christians are crazy because Nye says they are “betraying [their] intellect” if they believe we are all descendants of Adam and Eve. Watch this short video clip excerpted from the two-hour impromptu “debate” I had with Bill at the Ark:

This is just one of many clips we will be releasing to help people understand how these secularists think and to help expose their anti-Christian agenda. Follow my blog and my Facebook page to view these clips. And please join us in praying that the truth of God’s Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ Bill Nye heard will impact his heart for eternity.

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