A One-Year Ark Anniversary

by Ken Ham

When I visit the Ark construction site, it’s hard to believe that this time just last year there was barely any wood at the site. Last week was the one-year anniversary of when the very first bent (the “ribs” of the Ark) was raised into place (June 15). Now just a year later, the Ark is nearly finished and will be opening July 7!

Here is a short video that shows the first bent being put into place and what the Ark looks like now. Of course, the Ark footage is now out-of-date because it changes every day as the crews work hard to get ready for opening day.

The Excitement Builds

People are getting very excited about the opening of Ark Encounter on July 7 in Northern Kentucky. Traveling around the country, we meet many people who already have their tickets and have been excitedly following the ongoing construction progress. Several AiG staff members were recently at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, with an Ark Encounter booth that featured a giant video screen.

Booth at SBC Annual Meeting Booth at SBC Annual Meeting Booth at SBC Annual Meeting

Here are a few of the comments they received about the Ark Encounter:

Our family is so excited about the ark. We are planning a trip in August.
We have 50 people signed up from our church to come in August.
I am from Memphis, Tennessee, and take my ninth-grade students to the Creation Museum every year. We will be bringing them to the Ark Encounter.
So excited we cannot wait!
Four of our local churches are joining together to bring a group to the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter.

Other people had encouraging comments about the various outreaches of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum:

Just want to give you folks a word of encouragement. Keep doing what you’re doing.
Love your ministry. We pray for you daily.
Love your ministry and use your Sunday school curriculum.
When we leave St. Louis from the SBC conference, we are driving . . . to visit the Creation Museum. That's all our children can talk about!
Our church just finished Ocean Commotion [Answers VBS]. What a great time it was. Even the adults enjoyed it.

You can follow the Ark construction progress on my Facebook page or at ArkEncounter.com where you can also plan a visit for yourself, your family, or your church.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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