Correcting Evolutionary Propaganda

by Ken Ham on April 8, 2016

A Vox Media video, recently posted to YouTube, “Proof of Evolution That You Can Find on Your Body,” has had over 15 million views.

Vestigial Organs

As supposed proof of evolution, this video cites five examples of human body structures and functions that have supposedly been lost from an earlier ancestor. Such examples are called vestigial organs, and are believed to be useless leftovers from our evolutionary past.

After watching this professionally produced Vox video, with its authoritative narration and high-quality photos, graphics, and music, most people might be convinced that the five examples from our body prove they are basically now useless leftovers from humankind’s evolutionary history. But the arguments are nothing but evolutionary propaganda and, when analyzed by an experienced anatomist, can be easily refuted.

AiG scientist Dr. David Menton, who holds a PhD in cell biology from Brown University, is a member of the American Association of Anatomists, and is a former professor at Washington University School of Medicine, refutes each of these five supposed evolutionary leftovers in a short AiG video. I urge you to watch his rebuttal.

I also encourage you to send the video link to as many people as possible to help counter the typical, false evolutionary propaganda this Vox video has disseminated to millions of people. Or send them the link to “Is There Really ‘Proof of Evolution . . . on Your Body’?” which provides a detailed review of the video by AiG writer and researcher Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell.

By the way, the Vox video starts by saying, “Your body is a temple.” We agree, although in the sense that the Scriptures state that our “bodies are temples” of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). Let’s use our body’s brain to think on Him and His infallible Word, not on the secular ideas of fallible people who reject Him and have decided to accept the bankrupt worldview of evolutionary humanism. When evolutionists refer to the body as a temple, they are really exalting the god of self, not the God who made us.

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