Praising the Lord for a Multi-Generational Influence

by Ken Ham

You know you’ve been in ministry a long time when someone tells you that you influenced them as a child and now you’re influencing their kids! Seriously, it is encouraging to hear of this lasting impact across generations, and I thought that this mother’s testimony would encourage you as well.


I just came downstairs to find that my 8-year-old son had spent the last hour reading the latest Answers in Genesis newsletter and had decided to compose a letter to you, affirming your work in defending Biblical truth against the atheists of our day. My heart was overjoyed as I read his little letter for a few reasons.

Your ministry through Answers in Genesis is what brought me to faith in Christ back when I was a child. Hearing you speak at a local church and then being exposed to your materials through my only Christian parent provided a stark contrast to the evolutionary-based teaching I was receiving in public school. I used your magazine, and the book resources you recommended, to share the truth with my atheist teachers, friends, and father, and was continually strengthened in God’s truth. To now see my own six little children coming to Christ and growing spiritually through AiG materials is a tremendous joy!

Over the past five years, we have homeschooled our children (age 10 months–9 years old) due to Biblical convictions on teaching Biblical truth rather than secular humanism. We have been joyously burdened with the task of leading them in God’s truth and training them well. We often use books, audio CDs, DVDs (especially the Wild Brothers videos), and other resources specifically recommended by Answers in Genesis. These tremendous resources have given our young ones a firm foundation both in creation science and God’s Word! I cannot thank you enough for the multi-generational impact your work has had for the Lord.

The work you do matters. It has mattered to my salvation, it has mattered for the spiritual training of my own children, and by God’s grace, I dearly hope that it will continue to have an impact on generations to come. My sons even desire to one day grow up and work with Answers in Genesis! We hope to one day visit the Ark Encounter as a family, to praise God for His goodness in providing for its building, and to praise Him for His salvation both then with Noah and now to us.

P.S. Despite my husband’s best efforts at teaching the Bible, each one of our children has come to incorrectly think that Noah’s sons were named “Shem, Ken Ham, and Japheth.” Our 4-year-old daughter is now at this stage, and she misses this answer every time she is asked. It always makes us laugh!

—N. and T., Arizona

I hope that was a blessing to read.

As parents, we have a tremendous responsibility to ensure that our children receive solid teaching and instruction in the Lord and in His Word. Proverbs tells us to “train up a child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6), and fathers are exhorted in Ephesians to “bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4). I am thankful for the mothers and fathers who work hard to ensure that their children receive solid biblical instruction from a young age.

The many resources from our online store are excellent tools that parents can use to assist in training their children in the Lord. For example, the Wild Brothers DVDs are an excellent resource for kids. This reality video series—filmed by the Wild brothers themselves—introduce kids to missionary kid life. Kids will learn about God’s creation and a biblical worldview as they follow the adventures of four brothers growing up in the jungles of Southeast Asia. Your kids are sure to love them.

These products, and many other Bible-upholding resources, are available from our online store.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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