Teaching Kids and Teens

by Ken Ham

It’s always a joy to teach kids and teens about the truth of God’s Word from the very beginning. I love seeing how excited they get when they learn the truth about origins, Genesis, dinosaurs, and more.

Well, I was recently able to speak in Cary, North Carolina, to hundreds of kids at Colonial Baptist Church. It was great to hear them all singing about Noah’s Flood during the dinosaur session with Buddy and me.

They also learned to respectfully ask evolutionists, “Were you there?” You see, God was there but we weren’t, so we need to trust God’s eyewitness account. These kids also learned that evolution is a false belief –an absurd belief! I taught them that no scientist knows everything or has always been there—only God knows everything and has always been there—so we should always trust God’s Word over that of fallible scientists!

Colonial Baptist Church

Evolutionists have been leading generations of kids astray with the lie of evolution. That’s why it’s so important to teach kids the truth about creation from God’s Word, beginning at a young age. Reaching the next generation is vital for the growth of God’s people and continuing to reach the lost. So I encouraged them to start their thinking with God’s Word, not man’s ideas.

Now, dinosaurs fascinate children, but they are used by secularists probably more than anything else to brainwash kids with the lie of evolution. So I teach kids the truth about dinosaurs and the Bible—and kids love learning that dinosaurs are no mystery when understood from a biblical creation perspective.

I also taught hundreds of teens during my time at Colonial Baptist Church. They learned that atheists have a blind faith but that the Christian faith and God’s Word are confirmed by observational science.

Colonial Baptist Church

If you would like me or one of the many AiG speakers to come to your church and teach your congregation, youth group, and children’s ministry about God’s Word, beginning in Genesis, visit our outreach page.

I also encourage you to bring as many kids as possible through the Creation Museum. From now until June 30 it’s easy with our “More Kids Free” promotion. At the museum, kids will be encouraged to start their thinking with God’s Word and will get biblical and scientific answers to some of the most common questions they face. Plan your family, church, or school trip today.

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