Equipping Future Scientists and Researchers to Think Biblically

by Ken Ham

Do your children love science and God’s Word? Then get ready for Ci 3.0! Our good friends at Camp Infinity (Ci) have once again planned summer camps that bring faith, a biblical worldview, and hands-on science together. Ci is dedicated to biblical creation and to teaching young science-lovers (even those at a college age) to think biblically and to realize that science confirms God’s Word.


I think the unique mission and focus of Ci is really needed in our secular day and age. At AiG, we love science (and employ scientists with PhDs), and we want young people to become scientists and researchers who do their work for the glory of God and the furtherance of His kingdom.

Well, Ci is offering several camps this spring and summer, each with a slightly different focus. Here’s some information I was given regarding these exciting upcoming camps, all happening near the Creation Museum in our Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area:

  • Conflicting Worldviews College Camp: Coming up quickly, May 15–19, 2016, this camp is designed for college students who want to be thoroughly equipped to stand on God’s Word through the onslaught of anti-biblical teaching they’ll hear in college (sadly, often times even in Christian colleges!).
  • Kids Camp: It’s never too early to start learning about God’s Word and God’s creation! This 3-day camp is designed for curious 3–6 graders. Through fun, hands-on learning, they will see the power and creativity of the Designer and will be encouraged to learn science through a biblical worldview.
  • Summer Teen Youth Camps: Come for the day or for a 5 or 7-day overnight camp. Inquisitive students in grades 7–12 love our camps. They’ll be equipped to think biblically about science while doing hands-on science activities, touring the Creation Museum, and much more. Activities change every year to keep campers coming back each year for more.
  • Family Camp: The whole family is invited to join Ci for family camp. Parents will learn about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and why it has captivated their young person, equipping parents to have meaningful conversations about science and God’s Word. For students ages 6–18, there will be STEM activities as diverse as geocaching, studying robotics, building a geodesic dome, and more. And, of course, the whole family will tour through the Creation Museum together and hear from AiG speakers.

I think Ci is a much-needed resource in a culture where science is dominated by naturalistic (really, atheistic), evolutionary teaching. Young people need to learn to think biblically about science and to see that observational science absolutely confirms God’s Word. I encourage you, if you have a young person who loves science, to consider Camp Infinity this summer. You can learn more at CampInfinity.com.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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