Explore the Grand Canyon from a Biblical Creationist Perspective

by Ken Ham

Looking for an action-packed adventure this summer? How about rafting down the Colorado River through the breath-taking Grand Canyon, sleeping under the stars at night? Combine that with teaching on geology and even astronomy from a biblical worldview. Now, that’s certainly a trip you won’t forget! I took one of the shorter raft trips through the Canyon about eight years ago, and it was a remarkable experience.


Again this year, we’ve partnered with Tom Vail, founder of Canyon Ministries, and Jon Albert for a once-in-a-lifetime Grand Canyon experience. These thrilling trips in northern Arizona include rafting down the canyon—home of North America’s biggest whitewater—on a motorized raft, hikes to explore side canyons, great food, fellowship, sleeping under the stars, and biblically based creation teaching. And all you need to bring is clothes, a camera, and your Bible—everything else is already there for you!

There are three unforgettable trips to choose from. The first trip is a weeklong, in-depth geology trip with Dr. John Whitmore of Cedarville University. You’ll learn how the Grand Canyon and geology support God’s Word and provide evidence consistent with a young earth. Here’s what Dr. Whitmore says about this trip:

The Grand Canyon is one of the most fantastic geological spectacles in the world. Here one can see and touch the pre-Flood, Flood, and post-Flood rocks. In these rocks one can see and begin to appreciate the powerful forces that were in operation during these past periods of earth history. We will examine rock exposures that have great significance for creation geology including Creation Week rocks, the cross-beds of the Coconino Sandstone, the nautiloids of the Redwall Limestone, the Great Unconformity, the Tapeats Sandstone (that extends across North America), and lava flows and basalts that indicate problems for conventional radioactive dating. Short hikes, rapids, camping, beautiful night skies, waterfalls, fantastic scenery, and wildlife are all part of the experience!

The second trip is a weeklong “Geology by Day, Astronomy by Night” trip with AiG astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner. In this trip, you’ll travel 187 river miles (and then be helicoptered out of the canyon!) and along the way you’ll learn all about how the heavens declare the glory of God. Here’s what Dr. Faulkner had to say about this exciting trip:

Far from any city lights, the skies in Grand Canyon can be very dark at night. We planned this trip during the waning phases of the moon, so that the moon’s brightness won’t interfere either. We’ll look at the constellations and see the breath-taking beauty of the Milky Way, something people rarely see in the city. We’ll have a telescope along to view Saturn and its rings, Jupiter and its four large satellites, as well as Mars. The weather in late June normally is clear, making it an ideal time for this.

The third trip is four days with AiG’s Dr. Terry Mortenson. You’ll see how geology supports biblical creation and learn about how the history of geology has impacted how many Christians interpret the Bible today, especially Genesis. You’ll return equipped to defend the historicity of Genesis. This is an especially great trip for pastors and Christian leaders. Dr. Mortenson has been part of nine canyon trips and he says,

As I’ve helped lead nine Grand Canyon raft trips for Christian leaders and scholars, I always hear the same comment at the end: “This was an incredible trip of a lifetime. Thank you for making it possible.” The fellowship with other believers, the majestic beauty of the Canyon and the night sky, the great food, the exciting (and safe) rides through the many rapids, the hikes in side canyons, and the teaching about the geological evidence that confirms the truth of Genesis will deepen your awe of our great Creator and your confidence in His authoritative and trustworthy Word.

Sign up for this dream creation vacation on our events page. Space is limited so don’t wait!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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