Yes—Godless Churches!

by Ken Ham on February 10, 2016

I find it quite ironic that Sunday morning “assemblies”—not church meetings but gatherings of unbelievers—are growing increasingly common across the United States. As more and more young people identify as “nones” (i.e., not holding to any organized religion), these Sunday gatherings are growing.


Recently, an article featured one of these “godless churches” that meet in Michigan. These Sunday Assemblies are essentially copycat churches—but without God. They meet on Sunday once a month, and “there's a welcome, a lecture that can relate to life's moments, good and bad, and music to speak to the soul. Best wishes for healing are sent to those in need and there's a plea to help people who could use an extra hand with meals, daily tasks or transportation.”

One of the leaders of this Sunday Assembly says, “We like to say we ripped off the best stuff of church, but we do it without the religious dogma. We will not tell you what to believe and what book to get your rules from. You are free to make your own decisions.” Now, interestingly enough, this philosophy—that everyone can make their own decisions and that no one should be told what to believe or where to get their rules—is a form of religious dogma! So, really, they aren’t avoiding what they say they are. They have a dogma designed to suit their own religion. But as the devil does so many times, he takes what God ordains and perverts it. These “nones” have ripped off marriage (by promoting gay “marriage”) and now “ripped off the best stuff of church.”

It’s interesting that this assembly of humanists and atheists mentions things like an immaterial soul, which of course can’t be empirically tested and has no meaning in a materialistic worldview. It is also fascinating to note that they are concerned with the health of their members and have a desire to generously give of their time and resources to each other. But why do they even bother with this when they believe that at death a person ceases to exist? It’s really illogical and inconsistent. These secularists actually have to borrow from the Christian worldview to be concerned about others.

The secularists claim that they don’t want to endorse any particular book (see the quote above), but of course, the principles of giving generously do not flow out of an evolutionary worldview but out of the biblical commands of Jesus (Matthew 7:12, 22:39; John 15:17). However, even in attempting to follow the second greatest commandment, they ignore the first: “Jesus said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great commandment” (Matthew 22:37–38).

What those attending this assembly (and other unbelievers across the world) really need is not the encouragement and companionship of meeting with other people—they need Jesus Christ. They need to stop following Darwin’s book and follow the real Book, God’s Word, and understand the bad news concerning sin and the Good News concerning the gospel. The answer for every person is the salvation offered through a personal relationship with our Creator, Jesus Christ. He is the only answer and hope for all of humanity.

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