Amazing Video Update on Ark Encounter

by Ken Ham on February 3, 2016

Every time I visit the Ark Encounter site I get even more excited about July 7 when we open. The construction crews have been hard at work in Williamstown, Kentucky—something’s changed every time I go down there—and it looks incredible! You really have to see it for yourself to grasp the size of this project.

Well, I recently headed down to the Ark site for a tour with my wife, Mally, my daughter Kristel, staff member Avery Foley and her husband, Trevor. While we were there, I recorded a live video update on the progress with the Ark. I took people for a walk up the ramps through all three decks and even the roof deck (which will eventually become a fine-dining restaurant with an incredible view). I even stepped outside the roof deck onto a platform that goes across the entire front of the Ark to show viewers the view—you really can see for miles. Eventually guests will be able to walk out onto this platform after dinner in the restaurant.

Even though you really have to be inside the Ark to grasp the enormity of it, this video gives you a fascinating look at this amazing structure.

You can watch the video update below or see more video updates like it on the Ark Encounter website.

Here are a few photos of the progress at the Ark (although they really don’t do justice to its size!):

Ark from Afar Ark Bow Wall Ark Lake

I encourage you to order your tickets today for the first 40 days and 40 nights—you will want to make sure you visit Noah’s Ark this year! It truly will be an experience like no other, starting July 7.

You can stay up-to-date on the Ark’s progress at

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