Did Early Humans Start Climate Change?

by Ken Ham on February 1, 2016

Sometimes I just smile and shake my head when I read many science news items. The latest headline that made me chuckle read, “Early man’s actions caused global warming, study says.” As reported by Fox News, the study concludes that the actions of slash-and-burn farmers some 7,000 years ago allegedly started global warming. The destruction of trees supposedly led to increased carbon dioxide levels and that, combined with rising methane levels, allegedly kept the Earth from entering an ice age!

Climate Change

This study really highlights how, when you ignore the history revealed in God’s Word, you come to all kinds of silly conclusions. These conclusions are based on ice core records (that are based on many fallible assumptions) and lots of imagination. Since evolutionists assume that the ice has been slowly building up for tens of thousands of years, they believe ice cores capture climate and atmospheric history for some of Earth’s history. But the ice cores don’t show tens of thousands of years of winters and the slow accumulation of snowfall each year. Instead, they are the result of the post-Flood Ice Age and snowfall since then, over the past 4,000 years.

In an exhibit at the Ark Encounter, we’re going to discuss ice cores. This diorama will show the “Lost Squadron.” This was a group of WWII planes that was abandoned on the Greenland ice sheets. About fifty years later, when searching for the planes, researchers found them buried under more than 250 feet of ice! Such a high snowfall rate during those fifty years is not typical but should make us aware that consistent and gradual don’t always apply, especially when we consider that the post-Flood Ice Age climate was also much different from our current slow rates of accumulation. It doesn’t take tens of thousands of years for snow to pile up and then compress into ice; and many assumptions go into what is considered an ice layer and expected layer thicknesses in ice cores.

You can discover more about the post-Flood Ice Age in an article from Answers magazine. You can also learn more about climate change from a biblical perspective in this article by Dr. Alan White and this article by Avery Foley.

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