Exotic Ark Animals

by Ken Ham

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Ark Animals

This latest issue is packed full of informative articles that will fascinate you as they equip you to defend your faith. You’ll be intrigued by the flying reptiles known as pterosaurs; were they primitive, clumsy beasts, barely able to get off the ground, or were they intricately designed marvels perfect for the environment God put them in?

In another intriguing article, we point out many people haven’t thought much about what the creatures on the Ark might have looked like. They just imagine today’s animals beside Noah and his family. Well, you might be surprised to learn the animals Noah knew were a lot different from the ones we see around us today. This issue’s cover article reveals what some of those exotic animal kinds that were on the Ark but are not around in the same form today might have looked like (and it’s nothing to do with evolution). You can read what researchers have learned about these Ark animals as they prepare displays for the upcoming Ark Encounter theme park.

You’ll also read about the difficulty of defining species and why it is a problem for evolution, freshwater birds that develop salt-removal glands when they move into a saltwater environment, forces that can move whole continents, and how to think biblically about technological breakthroughs that may lead to “designer babies.”

A characteristic of a good scientific model is that it can be used to make accurate predictions. This issue of Answers profiles three creation scientists who made uncannily accurate predictions based on a biblical understanding of the universe. Their successes show the creation model is robust and support the biblical account.

Here is just a sampling of some of the other articles included in this award-winning family magazine:

  • Do Creationists Change?

    Scientists constantly change their theories in light of new findings. So if creationists are unwilling to change their basic beliefs, does that mean they’re not true scientists?

  • How to Myth-Interpret the Bible

    Our knowledge of the ancient Near East has grown exponentially since the discovery of troves of documents and artifacts. Many Christian leaders now say we can’t interpret the Bible—especially Genesis—without them. Should ancient Near Eastern documents determine how we read Genesis? Do they have any value at all in interpreting the Bible?

  • Snowflakes—The Patron’s Gift

    How can one type of crystal adopt so many beautiful forms? Some of the world’s greatest scientific minds have puzzled over this question.

  • All Systems Go

    A healthy body requires more than working parts. Somehow they must work together for optimum performance.

  • Losing Liberty Without Losing Hope

    Legal attacks on the Christian view of marriage may challenge our political liberty but not our ability to honor God.

And, as always, there’s a pull-out mini-magazine just for kids. In this issue they will learn about the amazing animal kinds that Noah cared for on the Ark. They will see how much variety God packed into the genome of every animal kind so that they could reproduce and fill the earth! The variety we see today isn’t the result of evolution—it’s part of God’s amazing and wise design.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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