Why Don’t More Scientists Believe in Creation?

by Ken Ham

I am blessed with the opportunity to speak in dozens of churches and conferences every year on biblical authority and creation apologetics.


Our many talented speakers and I clearly show how observational science confirms God’s Word. And yet, despite the overwhelming evidence that supports the Bible, many people still reject biblical creation. Why do so many, including scientists, fail to see the truth of the history of God’s Word?

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, the newest addition to our research staff here at AiG, shared in a recent internal interview with some AiG staff members why he thinks so many scientists reject biblical creation, despite the evidence that confirms God’s Word:

I believe surveys say around 97% of professional scientists hold evolution. Understandably many people want to know why, if the evidence for biblical creation is so compelling, so many scientists still reject it. Well, the same surveys show that probably at least 70% of professional scientists are non-Christians. We know from Romans 1 that non-Christians have a spiritual bias and deliberately suppress the truth. So the Scripture tells us that, yes, the vast majority of them have a compelling spiritual reason to ignore what we’re saying. And so, practically, the way it works itself out, is they never bother to consider it.

Also, most people go through the public school system, and they hear from an early age just evolution. They never hear, and they are not taught even to consider, an alternative hypothesis. So they are taught from an early age to suppress the truth, and so this is just the fruit of an educational system that ignores the opposition.

Also, by and large, they just don’t read our literature. They’re ignorant. Now, sadly, the professing Christians who hold evolution (for example, the BioLogos community) also seem to practice the same thing. In the few interactions I’ve had with their scholars, whether it’s theologians or scientists, they are clueless about anything scholarly that we’ve written. I’ll ask them, “Name the last young earth creationist scholarly book you’ve read.” The response: “I don’t know.” Have you read Coming to Grips with Genesis? No. Have you read Earth’s Catastrophic Past? No. So why don’t more people accept this? Because they’re totally ignorant of what we’ve printed. And they don't want to consider it.

And so to me that’s the answer to the question, “Why don’t more people believe it?” They never consider it; a lot of them probably don’t want to consider it because this obviously strikes at the very heart of their worldview, and Romans 1 says that it’s not just that there’s some indirect “Oh, I might have to think about Christianity.” No, the things of God are clearly seen from what has been made, so the creation issue strikes at the heart of their cherished beliefs, and they have to suppress it.

Sadly, many people are blinded to the truth of the history recorded in God’s Word because they are actively suppressing the truth in unrighteousness, as Romans 1 makes clear. It’s not that they need more evidence—they have all the evidence they need, but they suppress it. In 2 Peter 3:5 we are told that people willingly (or deliberately) reject the truth of Creation, the Flood, and the coming judgment. And there are examples in Scripture, like those leaders who wanted to kill Lazarus after Jesus raised him from the dead, so they could get rid of the evidence (John 12:10)! But, thankfully, God often uses AiG and other creation ministries to get people thinking and questioning what they have always believed. And this can lead to trust in God’s Word and in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I encourage you to share AiG resources and articles with your friends and family to encourage them to think, question what they believe, and be pointed toward Jesus Christ and the salvation that He offers.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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